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We at Hunterdon Mill & Machine feel we provide an excellent quality building, with outstanding features at a reasonable price.  There are many variations and options to suite most any need or budget.  When presented with so many variations, our customers usually have many questions.  While it would be almost impossible to answer them all here, following are descriptions of our standard construction and option specifications. Just browse down the page or select one of the topics listed here.


Drip Edge on all Roofs for a leakfree and Quality Finish.
2" x 4" - 16" on center Double Gusseted Roof Trusses with Birds Notch.
Roof Sheeted Tight with " Exterior Plywood. Optional Ridge Vent Available.
Self-Sealing 25 Year Asphalt Shingles. Optional Tar Paper Available. Optional 30 Year Architectural Shingles Also Available.
Durable Perma Trim Door Trim & Louvered Shutters.
Jalousie Windows with Screens or Vertical Slide with Screens.
Dura-Temp 5/8" Fir Siding secured with Galvanized Nails & Painted or 1/2" Exterior Plywood Sheeting on Vinyl Sheds.
Key Lock.
Screw Shank Nails on all Framing Construction.
Heavy Duty 6" T-Hinges for the Doors.
Pressure Treated 4" x 4" Foundation Skid.
5/8" Exterior Grade Plywood Flooring or Treated 5/8" Exterior Plywood Flooring.
 Pressure Treated Floor Joists 2" x 4" - 16" on center. Garages 2" x 4" - 12" on center. Optional 8" on center.
Sidewalls 2" x 4" - 16" on center.
Aluminum Metal Corners. Optional Durable Perma Trim Corner.
Finished Soffit on all Buildings.
Gable Vents With Screen.


Standard Features

Building include walls, floor, door(s) and window(s) and are  fully assembled and painted. 

4foot &6foot Barns come with a single window and set of double doors standard.  A-Frames, Capes, Quakers, and Dutch Barns get 2 windows with shutters and a set of double doors. (See "characteristics" for more details.) These can be placed almost anywhere the customer prefers if space allows.  Of course more doors & windows, as well as a variety of options can be added.  Larger doors and windows are available. See the pricing/option lists for the type of building you are interested in for pricing and more details.


Construction Details

Standard construction for our sheds is 2x4 studs spaced 16" on center.  The siding material is 5/8 Dura-Temp siding, a premium exterior plywood product with a hardwood veneer.  Floor joists are pressure treated 2x4 spaced 16" on center    Floor joists spaced 8",10", or 12" oc is an available option.


Windows are available in various styles, colors, and sizes, depending on building type.  All our windows included the appropriate type & size screen. For our standard sheds, vertical slider or 3 pane jalousie windows (size 18"x24") are standard. Vertical slider style windows are available in white. Vinyl siding windows are available vertical slider only, in white or brown. Jalousie windows are available white, aluminum, or brown.

If you prefer, instead of  shutters, the widows can be finished with trim for a small extra charge.   



Standard door size is dependent on shed size: 8'X sheds have 4'double doors standard, 10X  sheds have 5' wide double doors, and 12'X and 14'X sheds have 6' double doors standard. 6'X sheds have a choice of 3' single door or 4'double door, depending on placement and style.  All doors are 6'high, taller doors are available at extra cost if space allows.

Please note that door sizes are considered nominal.  A "5' door" is actually 4' 10-1/2" wide.



All floors are 5/8"exterior grade plywood with 16"oc floor joists over 4"x4"pressure treated runners or "skids."  Pressure treated joists and plywood are available.  Floor joist spaced 8",10" or 12" are available.  Extra 4x4 runners are also available.

The 4x4 runners always run the longest side of the building. Example: 8x12 sheds have 12' long runners.  The floor joists always run perpendicular to these runners.

In our effort to provide our customers with the best building for the price, we sometimes make changes. Specifications listed here and through out or website are subject to change. Sizes should be considered nominal.  These specifications may vary for certain products such as animal barns, pine sheds, or vinyl siding. If an exact size or specification is required please ask.