Delivery Photos
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Delivery of your new structure.


The delivery starts with loading your building on our trailer.  This 10x14 building is loaded on our trailer with the "doors to the cab." It is very helpful if we know the orientation of the building relative to your site. We like to load the building on the trailer so that when we arrive at the site it is facing the proper direction.  This is why we'll often ask "should the doors be loaded to the driver side or passenger side?"  This seems much more complicated then it really is, and we're usually able to figure it out with out much difficulty. 


Here is a nice, flat, level pad with a wood border
 This is a good example of a basic shed pad. The important thing is that it is level and flat. 
Typically, we'll back the trailer up to the pad.  It is best if we can get right to the edge of the pad.  On long sheds we'll either drive onto the pad or use pipe to position the building at the end opposite the trailer.
Here the shed is 1/2 on the trailer, 1/2 on the pad.  We've positioned a piece of pipe to aid in positioning the building. 
Here is a side view on the shed at the midway point.
After the building is positioned, we use a jack to remove the pipe and/or make any finial adjustments.
The result.   This pad was slightly smaller the recommended size, but the customer wanted to use landscaping and much around the edges of the building so the stone wouldn't show. In most cases there is a small apron of stone around the edges to prevent water from splashing dirt onto the sides of the building.

We've done this many times and will do it many more!  If you have any questions feel free to call.  We'll be happy discuss the delivery process with you.


 Here is a 8x12 Quaker (w/ vinyl siding) placed on a pad with landscape timber edging.  You can see why we ask "should the doors of the shed face the driver or passenger side of the truck?" !


We do big sheds ourselves!