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  • Chicken Coops


Chicken Coop Photos & Details


3x4 Board & Batton A-Frame

Standard features include choice of Dura-Temp, Tounge & Groove, or Board & Batton siding, paint or stained finish, entry door, chicken door w/ramp, roosting bar, nesting boxes, vent, asphalt shingles, PT legs/runners and plywood floor, and TechShield roof sheathing. Sizes are approximate.

Click here for pdf format price list.


Here is a collection of photos showing some of the details and options for our Chicken Coops.


Nesting boxes

with easy access from the outside of the coop.




  • Dog Kennels

Dog Kennel photos & details



8x12 Board&Batton Kennel

Shown with standard features and a cedar color stain.


A-Frame Style Dog Kennels include the following

choice of  * Pine Board & Batton  *  Pine Tongue & Groove  *  DuraTemp Plywood

  • Paint or Stain
  • Keyed Entry Door
  • Window w/screen
  • LP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing
  • 20 doggie door
  • Insulated Box
  • Glassboard Lined interior
  • door on run
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • P.T. joists
  • P.T. plywood floor
  • P.T. runners
  • Composite deck run

prices effective 3/2015    To download a .pdf copy click here.





  • Rabbit Hutches



A-Frame Style Rabbit Hutches


Painted Dura-Temp

Stained Board & Batton

Add for Metal Roof on Board & Batton

2x4 Single




4x4 Double




Prices effective 3/2015

Standard Features

Rear Door on Box

Insulated Ceiling

Vinyl Coated Wire

Door on Run Area



  Barn Roof style Dog Houses



Painted Dura-Temp

Stained Board & Batton






















Super Large



Prices effective 3/2015

We now offer small or "mini" Run In Sheds.

Mini Run In price lists.



to view our large buildings like Horse Run-In-Sheds and Barns click here.