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Following is some very important information regarding the planning, purchase, and delivery of a new structure from Hunterdon Mill & Machine Supply.  Please read it carefully and feel free to ask questions and/or express your concerns.

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Local:  All zoning concerns and/or local permits are the responsibility of the buyer.  Rules and regulations vary from one location to another; so while we will be happy to discuss any concerns you have, we cannot be expected to give permit, zoning, or legal advice.  We will be happy to discuss your options with you, but ultimately, the final outcome is responsibly of the buyer.

Site Prep:    The preparation of the site is very important to the appearance and longevity of your new structure.  Whenever possible the site should be flat, level, and well drained.  It should not be placed directly against other structures or retaining walls.  Hunterdon Mill can't provide site preparation services, but we can advise and otherwise assist you.

We recommend that most structures in excess of 100 square feet (footprint) be placed on a gravel pad.  Solid concrete is acceptable, but in many cases, it is not required for satisfactory results.  Smaller structures can be “shimmed” to level or square with blocks of wood, stone, or concrete, allowing them to be placed directly on the ground.  We do not recommend this for larger structures because it leads to “racking” and leveling problems.

Delivery:     It is important that we can physically deliver the structure to the site.  We need room to maneuver the truck/trailer as well as clearance from overhead branches and wires.  Steep hills, uneven grades, and tight clearance at the site often cause complications.  Please take note of these factors and bring them to our attention so that we can provide the best service possible and avoid unnecessary charges and complications. 

If the structure is to be located at a site that is not accessible for any reason, there are solutions available such as “built on site” or delivery in “kit” form.  Feel free to ask for more details.  We will be happy to assist you in determining which mode of delivery will work best for your situation.

Please be aware that while we are very careful when delivering your structure, problems will sometimes occur.  Our truck is relatively small, but a combination of soft ground and/or heavy load will sometimes cause lawn damage.  Tree branches will sometimes be broken or scrape the surface of the structure.  We cannot be responsible this damage.  We recommend discussing the particulars of your delivery with us so that these problems can be minimized or even eliminated.              

Delivery Photos